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The Third Hand Capo Company was formed in 1979 in Nashville by Harvey Reid and Jeff Hickey. They have sold many tens of thousands of capos in over 20 countries, and spread the idea of partial capoing worldwide.
Jeff Hickey (1951-2009)

We sadly note the passing of our friend Jeff on on July 14, 2009 from complications following a car accident. We will miss him greatly and try to carry on in his absence.

Jeff Hickey worked in some aspect of the music business for over 30 years, as a musician, songwriter, guitar teacher, and guitar repair technician. He was US sales manager for Larrivee Guitars, and at the time of his death was working on a recording and a book about the partial capo. Jeff did some free-lance writing for guitar magazines, and lived in Madison, WI where he helped with local radio shows, concerts, and played local gigs and taught guitar. He is survived by his wife and 2 children, and made a marvelous CD called "Loose Ends." It can be found on Google Play but not iTunes.

Harvey Reid

For more information on Harvey, his recordings, and his use of the partial capo, viisit his award-winning web site at http://www.woodpecker.com and http://www.PartialCapo.com

Harvey Reid, who lives in Southern Maine, iis a critically-acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, composer, author, educator and full-time acoustic guitar player since 1974. He has recorded 32 albums on the Woodpecker Record label, played thousands of gigs from little taverns to major festivals, co-written a college textbook on folk guitar, written numerous articles for the music press. Guitar Player Magazine called him "a giant of the steel strings." Acoustic Guitar Magazine chose his album "Steel Drivin' Man" as one of the Top 10 Folk Albums of All Time, and the only entry in the last 25 years. Guitar Player Magazine has put his "Solo Guitar Sketchbook" CD in its "Desert Island Top 20" acoustic guitar CD's. He won the 1981 National Fingerpicking Championship, and is responsible for most of what is known about partial capo-ed guitar